Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88A-4 serial number 2093 collided with Ju 88-4 serial number 053 over Langå 28/3 1944.

The aircraft belonged 10/ KG 30 to and was coded 4D+NU and 4D+GU.
T/o Aalborg West. Op: Training.

All aircrafts of 10./ KG 30 were practising formation flying at 4000 metres when 4D+NU and 4D+GU collided between Langå and Jebjerg villages and both fell to the ground at 14:30 hours.

4D+GU crashed north of Langå village killing three of the four man crew. When Constable Carl Wilhelmsen arrived on the scene he found two crew members dead inside the wreckage while one man was found in the filed about 50 metres from the wreck with a unopened parachute. They were Pilot Unteroffizier Herbert Michael, Navigator Obergefreiter Franz Geschwendter and Wop Helmuth Lindner.

The Engineer, who’s name is unknown to the author, had more luck.
He baled out but his parachute caught up with the tail of the Ju 88 when it opened and he was pulled down with the aircraft. When the aircraft hit the ground he and his chute was thrown back up in the air, and he eventually landed safe.
He was of cause shaken, but when he had regained his senses, he borrowed a bicycle and rode over to “Brogård” farm east of Gudenå river where he had seen Navigator Obergefreiter Georg Holzhausen of 4D+NU land in some tall trees.

4D+NU crashed in a field near “ Solvang” farm. Pilot Gefreiter Hermann Grimm was found death in the aircraft while Wop Obergefreiter Benjamin Seischab was found dead a short distance away. He had bailed out at too low a altitude and had fallen to his death.
Engineer Feldwebel Joachim Kühle saved his life by bailing out suffering only from a broken finger. He landed safely in a field belonging to “Jebjerggård” farm where he met a farmhand who took him to the farm. After a while he was picked up by a German car, and was eventually taken to Aalborg West Krankenrevier where his finger was treated.

Navigator Obergefreiter Georg Holzhausen had bailed out but his parachute had been damaged and he fell rather fast and landed in some tall trees near “Brogård” farm. He had broken both legs and had taken quite a beating when landing in the trees. Police Constable Anker Mogensen had seen him fall and together with the owner of “Brogård” farm and yet another bystander brought a ladder to the place where Holzhausen had landed. They placed his parachute on the ladder and Holzhausen on top of it and took him to the farm where the farmer’s wife treated him with a glass of Cognac.
The engineer of 4D+NU arrived soon after.

Constable Mogensen had seen a flyer fall from the sky near “Solvang” farm, and when an ambulance from “Zonen” arrived he and the Engineer drove to “Solvang” farm.
They found Seischab lying dead in the field. His eyes were open, and the engineer closed them and placed a small stone on each eyelid.
Holzhausen were taken to “Centralsygehuset” hospital in Randers for treatment and stayed there for more than a month.

The wrecks in the Langå area was collected by personnel from Flugzeugbergungstruppe 7./ XI of Fliegerhorst Grove. Both aircrafts was 100% losses.
Those who died were laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on ¼ 1944.

Sources: LBUK, JJ, WASt


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