Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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JU 52 serial number 3436 shot down in the sea of Kattegat 14/4 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 5./ MSG 1 and was coded ?
T/o Værløse Op: Search of and destruction of mines.

Two Mosquitos of 418 Sqn RAF piloted by F/O Caine and S/L Kipp were on a Day Ranger mission to Denmark when they reportedly sighted first three and the one additional Ju 52`s. Caine attacked one JU 52 and fired two short bursts from 100 yards and the Ju 52 blew up after the second burst ad fell into the sea in flames at 15:01 hrs. Caine now turned to starboard and saw a aircraft in flames in the water, one falling in flames and one diving straight down. The first two had been attacked by Kipp. The first had had a 2 x 2 second burst from 150 yards and the second a 1 second burst from 100 yards. Kipp had put the wheels down for the second attack. He had found it difficult to get them in his sight as they were flying 8-10 feet above the sea. At one point he thought that his wheels had touched the water. After this attack the fourth Ju 52 was seen to make a frantic attempt to ditch, which it did after the mosquito had passed 30 yards in front of it. Caine then approached. 5 or 6 crew members had now clambered out on the fuselage. A 4 seconds burst at 300 to 50 yards resulted in many strikes and the aircraft disappeared with its crew at 15:11 hours. The three Ju 52 attacked by Kipp was equipped with mine detonating rings.

Navigator Oberfeldwebel Franz Puchstein was hit by a shot in the pelvis causing enjury and loss of blood. His body was recovered on 19/4 and he was laid to rest in København Vestre cemetery on 21/4. The ceremony took place from the Eastern Chapel at 11:00 hours.

Pilot Oberfeldwebel Fritz Greinert was found in the sea and taken to Aarhus and placed in a coffin. It was brought to Copenhagen by a German naval ship.




Oberfeldwebel Greinerts coffin onboard the naval vessel.


Pilot Oberfeldwebel Fritz Greinert were laid to rest in København Vestre cemetery on 8/5 1944 at 11:00 hours.

Air gunner Unteroffizier Karl Braunbarth and Air gunner Unteroffizier Manfred Hartung also rest in København Vestre cemetery but it is not known when they were laid to rest.
Engineer Feldwebel Willy Zahn, and Engineer Flieger Walter Kuhl has no known graves.

It should be noted that this author has not been able to find more than two German losses that fits these claims.


    (Reinhard Puchstein)

Oberfeldwebel Franz Puchstein


Below pictures is from the funeral of Puchstein and three crewmembers from the other loss on 14/4-44







Puchstein was laid to rest in Grave A3-67 which is the rearmost




Zwick, Krapf and Prockl from Ju 52 3414 also lost on 14/4-44 was laid to rest in A2-39, 40 and 41.


From the funeral on 21/4-1944


                     (Flemming Hansen)


                     (Flemming Hansen)


Sources: AIR 50/146-1, WASt via CP, BK.


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