Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88A-5 serial number 2432 shot down west of Roskilde 7/5 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 11./ KG 30 and was coded 4D+GV
T/o Kastrup. Op: Transfer flight.

Ju 88 serial number 2432 took off from Fliegerhorst Kastrup at 10:30 hrs for a transfer flight to Fliegerhorst Aalborg West after having had maintenance performed at Kastrup. The crew were Pilot Oberfeldwebel Paul Berlinke, Navigators Unteroffizier Kurt Stephan and Gefreiter Werner Stark and Wop Oberfeldwebel Karl Soldau.

At about 10:40 the Ju 88 was spotted by Navigator Don Walsh who was the navigator of a Mosquito piloted by Wing Commander John Braham. They were on a day ranger mission to Denmark and tried to sneak in on the Ju 88. They were however observed from the JU 88 and it headed for cover in the broken clouds. The JU 88 was not able to hide and Braham fired a few short bursts and the Ju 88 crashed to the ground where it was totally destroyed and started burning.
Wop Oberfeldwebel Karl Soldau managed to get out of the JU 88 and landed safely although slightly wounded in his parachute.
Also Gefreiter Werner Stark and Unteroffizier Kurt Stephan got out but a too low level for their parachutes to save them.
One was found lying on the ground with his partially deployed chute and the others chute had not even opened.
When the fire had burned down, the remains of Oberfeldwebel Paul Berlinke was found death in the cockpit.
All three were laid to rest in København Vestre Cemetery on 12/5 at 11:00 hrs. The ceremony took place at the Eastern Chapel.









Sources: Helme, Jes Touvdal, LBUK, BK



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