Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88A-4 serial number 1713 crashed into Vejle Fjord 18/5 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 3./ KG 26 and was coded KR+KQ.
T/o ?. Op: Navigation flight.

The Ju 88 was seen coming on fire from the north and ditch on the water of Vejle Fjord near Tirsbæk beach. It hit the water 100-200 metres off shore and exploded at 16:00 hours and sank on 6 metres of water.
A search for the crew was mounted and by the use of a anchor Fisher Arne Lauersen managed to retrieve the body of a flyer and a fuel cell and land both at Adolph Ustrups Boatbuilder`s yard in Bredballe.
The next day Fisher Krintel was hired to recover the wreckage from the Fjord. When the fuselage was brought to Adolph Ustrup`s yard a flyer was found inside it.

Wop Unteroffizier Ewald Kampmeier and Air gunner Unteroffizier Heinrich Vosskühler were taken to Esbjerg and were laid to rest in Fourfeld cemetery in Esbjerg on 23/5 1944.

On 17/6 1944 at 21:00 hours Fisher Holger Hansen was on a evening stroll along the Fjord near Rosenvold when he spotted some clothing and a nude death person that was washed ashore. The body was identified as Navigator Unteroffizier Günther Busse. He was laid to rest in Horsens Vestre cemetery on 23/6 1944. His body was transferred to Gedhus cemetery after the war.

On 13/7 1945 a corpus dressed in a leather jacket was found near Brønsodde by Fisher Johannes Jensen. The corpus was brought to the Chapel at Vejle hospital. On the body was found a cigarette case and some German cigarettes.
The body was laid to rest in Bredballe cemetery as: a unknown body found in Vejle fjord. Probably from a German aircraft. The remains were transferred to Gedhus cemetery in the sixties.

It is believed by this author that it was in fact the remains of Pilot Feldwebel Hubert Link that was found on 13/7 1945.


                  (Vejle Stadsarkiv)


                      (Vejle Stadsarkiv)


                           (Vejle Stadsarkiv)

Sources: WASt, Bredballe and Horsens cemetery protocol, BE, LBUK, Vejle Amts Folkeblad (Newspaper), Horsens police, Vejle police.


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