Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 219A-0 serial number 190107 shot down south of Herning 21/5 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 1./ NJG 1 and was coded G9+FL.
T/o Grove. Op: Training.

Two Mosquitos of 418 Squadron RCAF and 8 Mustangs of 19 Squadron were on a Day Ranger mission over Denmark when they spotted what they believed to be a Leo 45 in the Herning area. A Mosquito piloted by Lt Kerr with Navigator F/O Clark attacked the enemy aircraft along with F/Lt Shirreff flying Mustang White 1, W/O Bell in White 2 and W/O Woodward in Green 2. The rear gunner of the “Leo 45” fired back and hit White 1 in the starboard main plane which caught fire. Shirreff managed to put the fire out by using up all his ammo.

The “Leo 45 “ was hit several times and burst into flames and disintegrated and fell to the ground at approximately 17:00 hours killing the crew.

The “Leo 45” which was actually a He 219A-0 with the crew of Pilot Unteroffizier Ewald Tampke and Wop Eduard Tants crashed in a field belonging to Farmer Frederik Madsen near Arnborg. The aircraft was spread well over the field and also in a field belonging to Inn keeper Hjorth.

Tampke and Tants were laid to rest in Esbjerg cemetery on 23/5 1944.


                       (Herning Lokalarkiv)


 (Christian Berring)

Wop Eduard Tants


 (Christian Berring)

Wop Eduard Tants


  (Christian Berring)




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