Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88A-14 serial number 8143 belly landed near Tømmerup 9/6 1944.

The aircraft belonged to Flugzeug Führer Schule B 34 and was coded KP+VC
T/o Flh Kopenhagen. Op: Training.

At 14:30 hrs the Ju 88 belly landed in a field of onions and chicory belonging to Market gardener Bertil Edvard Jansen of Høgsbrovej, Tømmerup and skidded along. Next it went through a hedge and entered a field of cauliflower belonging to Market gardener Erik Mørke of Høgsbrovej, Tømmerup.
The aircraft suffered only minor damage and the crew were unhurt.

Damage to Danish property: 7-8000 caurliflowers, 3 ea 2 inch pipes 6 metres long, 6 watering pipes, 30 metres of hedge (Elder), 500-600 drain pipes, 1 plough, 1 drum and a piece of land planted with onions and a piece of land planted with chicory.

Note: In addition to the code KP+VC this aircraft also carried the number 54 on the rudder and a the Blindfliegerschule logo of a blindfoldet cow on the nose section.


                        (Jes Touvdal)


                     (Jes Touvdal)

Source: AS 3-700, Jes Touvdal, Gerhard.



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