Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju W 34 serial number 3073 shot down in Lille Ris moor 14/6 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 13./ Fliegerzielgeschwader 1 and was coded SD+FW.
T/o ?. Op: ?

Two Mosquito`s of RCAF (RAF) 418 Squadron were on a Day ranger mission to the German Baltic coast when they at 15:32 hours spotted a He 111 and a Ju W 34 over the south tipp of Langeland island.

One Mosquito piloted by S/L Kipp DFC and Observer F/O Huletsky DFC set after the He 111 and at 15:37 claimed it over the sea.
The other Mosquito piloted by P/O Simm and Observed P/O Sharples closed in on the Ju W 34 climbing to its height af 2500 ft. The Mosquito overshot and made a sharp turn to port and again closed in.
The W 34 was now heading north and at 15:34 an attack was made with a 1 second burst.
Pieces were knocked off and the W 34 caught fire and dived from 1500 ft and crashed in the Lille Ris Mose moor on the island of Ærø blowing up on impact.
When the Mosquito passed underneath the W 34 after the attack Observer P/O Sharples noticed a very pained expression on the face of one of the occupants of the W 34.

The W 34 was destroyed and the crew of Pilot Oberfähnrich Walter Schwarting, Wop Feldwebel Peter Heinrich Gustav Krüger and Flt Engr. Unteroffizier Wilhelm Hess died.
Farmer Rasmussen, his son Peter and a farm hand collected the human remains and placed them on a truck that took them to the chapel of Store Rise church.
It is not known where they rest today.

The German Wehrmacht removed the wreckage and on 22/6 all had been removed.


Sources: LBUK, AD, AIR 27/1821, AIR 50/145, JJ.



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