Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 111H-6 serial number 7133 shot down over the Baltic sea 14/6 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 13./ Fliegerzielgeschwader 1 and was coded DG+RQ.
T/o ?. Op ?:

Two Mosquito`s of RCAF (RAF) 418 Squadron were on a Day ranger mission to the German Baltic coast when they at 15:32 hours spotted a He 111 and a Ju W 34 over the south tipp of Langeland island.
The Mosquito piloted by P/O Simm and Observed P/O Sharples set after the JU W 34 and claimed it over the island of Ærø at 15:34 hrs.
The other Mosquito piloted by S/L Kipp DFC and Observer F/O Huletsky DFC turned to attack the He 111 climbing rapidly up behind it. A short burst fired from 10 degree angle off to starboard 200 yards range as he was climbing into cloud. Owing to insufficiend deflection only a few strikes were seen on the port wing Tipp. They followed into cloud but stalled out due to reduced speed. As they came out of the cloud contact regained and narrowly missed collission. The Mosquito made a complete orbit to port and again obtained visuel contact with the He 111 flying through broken cloud turning port. At 15:37 hrs, at 200 yards range Kipp gave 1½ rings deflection to port firing a 3 second burst. The He 111 caught fire and dived into the sea, two of the crew parachuted out before it hit the sea 4 kilometres south of the island of Ærø.

It is believed that the two who parachuted were Wop Feldwebel Arthur Bernhard Brodersen who was retrieved from the sea on 23/6 and Pilot Gefreiter Helmut Haschke who`s death body was found on 17/6. They were both laid to rest in København Vestre cemetery.

Pilot Feldwebel Helmut Georg Konzak, Flt. Engr. Feldwebel Walter Karl Richard Köhn and Wop Gefreiter Herbert Schnitzer has no known graves.

Sources: LBUK, AD, AIR 27/1821, AIR 50/145, JJ, BK.



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