Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

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Bf 110G-4 serial number 140317 crashed near Maribo 4/8 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 7./ NJG 1 and was coded G9+SR
T/o Grove. Op: Interception of American bombers.

The BF 110 was on a day mission against American bombers when it was hit by return fire from a bomber and started burning and crashed to the ground. Air gunner Unteroffizier Heinz Aleit managed to get out of the aircraft and saved his life by parachute and landed near a German post.
Pilot Oberleutnant Walter Prues and Wop Feldwebel Josef Peters was still in the aircraft when it crashed in boggy grounds near Bursø lake about 2 kilometres southeast of Maribo at approx.15:00 hrs.

The aircraft disappeared in the boggy ground and only the remains of Feldwebel Josef Peters was retrieved. Peters was laid to rest in København Vestre cemetery on 10/8 1944 at 15:00 hrs. The ceremony took place by the graveside.

The grounds were drained over the years and a golf course was eventually located on the site.
On 26/27 august 2002 the site was escavated by a team headed by Jes Touvdal and Jørn Junker and the remains of the aircraft and Pilot Oberleutnant Walter Prues was found.
The remains of Prues was handed over to the German authorities. He was finally laid to rest in København Vestre cemetery on 17/11 2002.


                            (Jørn Junker)


                         (Jørn Junker)


  (Jørn Junker)


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