Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Bf 110G-4 serial number 720251 shot down near Slimminge 4/8 1944.

The aircraft belonged to Schul. St./ NJG 1and was coded G9+HX.
T/o Grove. Op: Interception of American bombers.

The Bf 110 piloted by Hauptman Fritz von Buchholtz was by radar vectored towards what was believed to be a single American bomber heading for Sweden.
It turned out to be two American Mustangs flying close together.

Mustang P 51D serial number 44-13939 coded CS-W piloted by Captain Raymond B. Lancaster of the 370 Fighter Squadron suffered from low oil pressure and headed by for Sweden escorted closely by P 51B serial number 43-6461 coded CS-Q and nicknamed „Hot Pants“. It was piloted by Lt. Wilson K. Baker. Also escorting it was P 51B serial number 43-12463 coded CS-F and piloted by Lt. Richard O. Rabb of 370 Fighter Squadron.

When the Bf 110 was sighted by the Mustangs, Rabb and Baker attacked and Baker shot it down.
At 16:08 it crashed in Giesegaard forrest near Slimminge.
Before the crash Wop Unteroffizier Rudi Freund and the Engineer had been ordered by von Buchholtz to bail out and thus saved their life by parachute while von Buchholtz died in the crash.
One of the crew landed safely in a field belonging to „Kaabæk“ gaard farm while the other landed in a field belonging to „Korsgaarde“ farm. They were shortly picked up by members of the Wehrmacht.
Hauptman Fritz von Buchholtz`s body was retrieved from the wreckage when the fire had burned down and was laid to rest in Vestre cemetery in København on 10/8 at 15:00 hrs. The ceremony took place by the grave.

Sources: LBUK, WASt, „Nødlanding“ by Widfeldt/Wegmann, AS 5-163.



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