Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

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Ju 88A-12 serial number 0192 damaged at Fliegerplatz Kastrup 22/8 1944.

The aircraft belonged to Flugzeug Führer Schule B 34 and was coded VK+DH.
T/o Flp. Kastrup. Op: Training.

The Ju 88`s of Flugzeug Führer Schule B 34 were on a night flight exercise when a thunderstorm came up. They were all called back by Control and ordered to land emidiatly.

Ju 88A-12 serial number 0192 with the crew of Instructor Pilot Unteroffizier Rudolf Bökenkamp, Student Wop Gefreiter Josef Grundmann and Student Pilot Kurt Louis had just landed and braked rather hard when Ju 88A-7 serial number 3027 piloted by Student Pilot Konrad (Conny) Rehm landed at 02:30 hrs.
Ju 88 3027 hit JU 0192 from behind and ended up on top of it with ist left propeller cutting the fuselage of 0192 up behind Student Pilot Kurt Louis who was flying from the left seat.

The landing gear of 0192 collapsed and both aircrafts skidded along on the runway. Quite lucky the petrol did not catch fire and the crew were helped out of the wreckage by the fire brigade.

JU 88A-12 serial number 0192 was 80 % damaged and Gefreiter Josef Grundmann and Unteroffizier Rudolf Bökenkamp were taken to the Revier to be treated for cuts and bruises by the Stabsartz .
Grundmann stayed there untill 27/8 while Bökenkamp was taken to Luftwaffe-Lazarett Kopenhagen where he would stay until 29/8.


                               (Dieter Gursch)

Instructor Pilot Unteroffizier Rudolf Bökenkamp


                        (Dieter Gursch)

Student Pilot Kurt Louis


Sources: WASt, Walter Hieble via Dieter Gursch, RL2 III./780


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