Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Ju 88G-1 serial number 710610 shot down near Fliegerhorst Esbjerg 2/11 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 3./ NJG 2 and was coded
T/o.  Op: Training flight.

The JU 88G-1 approched Fliegerhorst Esbjerg from the east at 10:29 hrs. As there had been given no advice of any friendly aircraft in the vicinity, the warning of enemy low flying aircrafts was fired. As the white light star was seen, the 37 mm guns of Flakzug Guldager (6./204) and the 2 cm guns of the heavy Flakbatterie Gjesing (5./204) opened fire.
The JU 88 passed over the airfield at 40 meters and turned towards north. Shortly after, it returned at 150 meter and this time Flakbatterie Gjesing also opened fire with the  10,5 cm guns.
At 10:34 hrs The aircraft was hit and lost height. The pilot apparently gained control again and two flyers was seen to bail out.
As the aircraft was rather low their parachutes did not deploy properly and they fell to their death in the barber wire just north of the anti tank defences which bordered the Fliegerhorst towards north.
The JU 88 was hit again and crashed in the minefield of the anti tank defence and exploted on impact.

The crew of three that were all killed were Pilot Unteroffizier Heinz Möckel, Wop Unteroffizier Alfred Lehne and Air Gunner Gefreiter Hans Schröder.
They were all laid to rest in Fovrfeld cemetery  in Esbjerg on 9/11 1944.

The aircraft was a 100% loss.

A total of 43 rounds of 10,5 cm and 169 rounds of 2 cm ammunition was fired from 5./204 and 67 rounds of 3,7 cm ammunition from 6./204.

Sources: LBUK, BE, KT, DN.


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