Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

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Bf 110G-4 serial number 730368 crashed in Vildmosen Moor 23/11 1944.

The aircraft belonged to 1./ NJG 3 and was coded D5+QK.
T/o Flh Tirstrup.  Op: Training.

At 08:07 hours on the morning of 23/11 two BF 110G-4 of 1./ NJG 3 took off from Fliegerhorst Tirstrup for arial combat training.
Bf 110G-4 coded D5+ICH was piloted by the Staffel commander Oberleutnant Herbert Koch with the crew of Radar operator Feldwebel Werner Gärtner and Wop Unteroffizier Karl Edelmann.
Bf 110G-4 coded D5+QK was piloted by Feldwebel Georg Helbig with the crew of Wop and Radar operators Unteroffizier Willy Beyersdörfer and Unteroffizier Otto Henselmann.
Helbig and his crew has only been with the staffel for a short time and was not yet considered to be fully operative. On this morning they were to train attack manouvers.

After take off they headed north while exercising.
Just south of Aalborg Oberleutnant Koch ordered Feldwebel Helbig to follow him through a layer of clouds and try to locate him with the FuG 220 radar that the Bf 110G-4 was equiped with.
When Koch came out on top of the layer he waited for Helbig, and when he did not show up, Koch dived down through the clouds and spotted black smoke coming from the ground at Store Vildmosen moor. He also saw the wreckage of Helbigs aircraft and circled the area looking for parachutes. Without any luck.
He then set course for Fliegerhorst Aalborg West where he landed at 09:08 hrs.
A resque team was sent to the crash site only to find that the crew of three was killed in the crash.
Feldwebel Georg Helbig, Unteroffizier Willy Beyersdörfer and Unteroffizier Otto Henselmann were laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 2/12 1944.

Sources: WASt via JJ, FB, JJ.


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