Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Two Bf 109 ? crashed Øster Brønderslev  15/12 1944.

The aircrafts belonged to 1/JG 102 and was coded ?
T/O Aalborg West Op: Training.


Three aircrafts, believed to be Me 109`s, were on a training flight when at 11:05 hrs two of the aircrafts collided and crashed to the ground in a field belonging to Øster Gjerndrup near Øster Brøderslev.

One aircraft crashed near a dirt road and buried its nose into the ground and started burning with the pilot still inside. Local farmhands tried to gain access to the pilot but had to give up due to the heat.

The other aircraft crashed in the same field not far away to the south east.

The third aircraft flew low over the field and then headed south.

German soldiers arrived, but on the south side of a nearby river while the wreck was on the north side, and it took them some time to bypass the river.

The bodies of Unteroffizier Erich Maier and Leutnant Rudolf Röttgermann were collected by an ambulance from “Falck” driven by “Falck” employee Åge Hansen and were eventually taken to Frederikshavn cemetery where they were laid to rest on 21/12-1944 at 11:00 hours.

A couple of Germans was quartered on Øster Gjerndrup farm for a few days while the wrecks were removed.

Before the aircrafts were removed, local youngsters managed to remove a machinegun from the burned aircraft and the parachute from the other aircraft.
The parachute was afterwards cut up and made into shirts for a number of people in the area.


Sources:  Kartotek over tyske soldater begravet udenfor Kbh / Rigsarkivet.


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