Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Two Ar 96 B collided over the Limfjorden 20/10 1944

The Arado`s  belonged to 3./ Jg 102
T/o Aalborg Ost  Op: Training


Ar 96 B-6 werknummer 430024 coded BL+KX collided with Ar 96 B-7 werknummer 550403 coded KS+YI over the waters of Limfjorden not far from Aalborg Ost and both crashed.

Werknummer 430024 crashed on deep water in Limfjorden and sank to the bottom. Germans from Aalborg Ost sailed out in a motorboat towing a barge from which they managed to raise the Ar 96 with the pilot inside. Student pilot Gefreiter Hans Rodach was taken to Luftwaffe Lazarett Aalborg where he was declared to be death. He was laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 26/10-1944 at 11:00 hrs.

Werknummer 550403 fell on the north side of Limfjorden in shallow water not far from land. Apparently the pilot Flugschüler Gefreiter Erich Voightmann had managed some sort of a crash landing. When locals arrived they found him sitting mumbling on the side of a ditch near the railway line. After a while an ambulance arrived and picked him up. He however died later on that day and was laid to rest i Frederikshavn cemetery on 26/10 at 11:00 hrs.


 (Flemming Hansen)


 (Flemming Hansen)



Sources: Kirketjenesten, BF, NVM via Matti Salonen.


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