Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Bf 109G-6 werk nummer 165096 crashed near Birkelse 10/10-1944

T/o Aalborg Op: Training
The aircraft belonged to 1./ JG 102 and was coded NI+XZ

The aircraft piloted by Gefreiter Hans Wunderlich was seen circling and climbing and diving over the area west of Birkelse. Suddenly it went straight down and hit the ground in a moor. Germans arrived and closed the area down. They were however not able to recover the pilot due to the area being very wet, and only removed what was found of the aircraft above ground. 

In February 2017 the wreckage was located by the farmer owning the land which had been drained and today is a field and a few items were recovered. A week later heavy machinery was brought in and after digging a 8-10 meter deep hole in the ground most of the aircraft and the pilot was recovered.

The name of the pilot was found in papers recovered and was sent to Wast in Berlin. After a couple of weeks the name was made public.




Sources: Wast, Klaus Christiansen, NVM via Matti Salonen.






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