Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Two Bf 109G collided near Sørå 6/10-1944

The aircrafts belonged to 3./JG 102.
T/O Aalborg Ost  Op: Training

The two Bf 109 G`s were on a training flight when they collided over the sea of Kattegat near Sørå. Both aircrafts crashed and fell into the sea on the location Stengrunden. None of the pilots managed to get out of the aircrafts and they died. None of their bodies have ever been found.

They were:
Uffz Johannes Fankhänel flying Bf 109G-14 werk nummer 781326 coded NX+FZ
Fhj-Fw Gerhard Klein flying Bf 109G-6 werk nummer 781998 coded SA+RR.

Afterwards local fishermen often got items from the aircrafts in their trawl and on June 1951 the ship M/S “Thor” reports to have brought ashore 1 ea 12 cylinder aircraft engine and a three bladed propeller with the marking: Satzweise Austauschbar, 9-12087 A, Satz Nr 3 ouk 7451 as well as parts of a fuselage and wing. These items were found on 5 meters of water.




Sources: NVM via Matti Salonen, Kattegats Marinedistrikt.


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