Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Bf 109G-14 serial number 463207 crash landed at Vejgaard 14/1 1945.

The aircraft belonged to JG 5 and was coded: No code isued.
T/o Værløse.  Op: Transfer flight.

Three Bf 109G`s were on a transfer flight from Fliegerhorst Værløse to Fliegerhorst Stavanger in Norway when northern Denmark became covered by fog.
It is believed that Pilot Gefreiter Friedrich Hochfellner was looking for a place to land when he at 16:15 hrs hit the „Birkevej“ road in Vejgaard about 1 kilometer east of Aalborg. 
It was getting dark at four o`clock and the children that had used the road as a sledge run was on their way home to their parents when the Bf 109 hit the road and tore down some electric poles one of which killed the 4 year boy Preben Nygaard Christensen.
The nearby houses was sprayed with oil from the aircraft that was turned upside down and the pilot was seen in the cockpit hanging limb in the shoulder harness.
The Danish citizen Walther Erich Køppler who was working for he Germans arrived at the scene waving his pistol and chased the bystanders away and stood guard until the Germans arrived.

Pilot Gefreiter Friedrich Hochfellner died in the crash and was laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery on 22/1 1945.

Note: Walther Erich Køppler was „awarded“ 2 years in prison for his services to the Germans by a Danish court after the war.


                          (Claus Madsen)


Sources: WASt, LBUK, Claus Madsen, JJ.


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