Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 111 ? emergency landed near Odense 26/1 1945.

The aircraft belonged to ? and was coded ?
T/o ?.  Op: ?

The aircraft made a wheels up landing in a field belonging to „Hinnerupgaard“ farm 2½ kilometer southeast of Odense at 16:40 hrour.
The 4 man crew was unharmed.
The landing had been observed by Erik Malmmose who was a member of the Danish resistance and on the next day he returned to the site to have a closer look.
There was two German guards present while the remaining guards were billeted in a village 3 kilometers away. Erik afterwards called in at his friend Poul Ørsager and together they made up a bomb that they would use to blow the aircraft up.

They returned to the aircraft.
Poul carried the bomb and Erik a Stengun under his coat when they approached the guards and greeted them.
Erik then turned away and readied the Stengun before he turned around again and shouted „Hände Hoch“.
When Poul was disarming one guard, the other tried to shelter behind him while taken the rifle from the shoulder.
Erik opened fire and both guards fell wounded to the ground.
The bomb was placed in the aircraft and Erik and Poul pulled the guards further away from the aircraft to prevent them getting blown to pieces.
Erik and Poul then quickly got away.
One of the wounded guards crawled over to the aircraft and removed the bomb from the pilot`s seat and trew it in the snow outside the aircraft.
It exploded ½ an hour later without doing any damage to the aircraft.

Sources: LBUK, Erik Malmmose, Illigal newspaper Information 31/1-45, Abwerhlagebericht no. 4, JJ


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