Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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FW 190F-8 serial number 581772 crash landed northeast of Ebeltoft 10/2 1945.

The aircraft belonged to III/ KG 200 and was coded ?
T/o Tirstrup ?.  Op: Non operational flight.

On the morning of 10/2 fog covered the frozen and snow covered ground of Rugård Dyrehave forest 12 kilometers northeast of Ebeltoft. Student forester Erik Nielsen and Forest worker Anton “Waiter” who was working in the forest heard an aircraft circling the forest. Suddenly it came down through the trees close by. The aircraft cut the top of a number of spruce trees and next the pilot tried to avoid hitting some beech trees by use of aileron and giving the engine full power. He did not succeed and hit a tree that tore one wing of the FW 190. The aircraft hit the ground, bounced back up, hit the ground bounced up once more before it again hit the ground and ploughed its way through a spruce thicket where it finally lay still.

Anton “Waiter” now declared that he did not want to stay there anymore but wanted to get back home to Hyllested.
Erik told him to run for help, and when Anton had disappeared Erik ran to the aircraft.
The aircraft was totally covered by the spruce thicket, so Erik ran around it and on the other side he found the engine fizzing in the snow about 3o meters from the thicket.
With his big axe Erik cut his way through the broken trees to get to the aircraft.
He could hear Pilot Unteroffizier Rumpp shouting “hilfe – hilfe”.
When the pilot saw Erik, who was a big tall dirty man, swinging his big axe, he became scared and started shouting “Gute kammerate”.
Erik entered the fuselage behind the broken canopy and cut Rumpp free from his harness and pulled him up from the cockpit.
Together they slid / fell to the ground. Rumpp had hit his forehead and suffered from pain in the abdomen.
Erik carried Rumpp over his shoulders and took him to a nearby forest cabin where Erik broke a window to get shelter. Erik placed Rumpp on a sofa and loosened his clothing.
Rumpp was now entering a state of shock.

Shortly after a number of people from Hyllested arrived and wanted to get Rumpp`s pistol and watch.
Erik did not allow it and as he was a rather big guy, the people left without gun and watch.
A doctor now arrived on a horsedrawn sledge and Rumpp was placed on the sledge and taken to a nearby road where they were met by a ambulance from ”Falck” rescue service.
Rumpp was taken to the hospital in Ebeltoft for treatment. After a while he was transferred to the German lazarett in Rønde.
The aircraft was left guarded in the forest for five days before 20-30 soldiers arrived and pulled the wreckage up to the forest cabin where it was loaded on trucks and taken away.
The aircraft was a 100% loss.

Sources: RL 2 III/1197, JJ, LBUK, Erik Nielsen.

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