Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 111H-22 serial number 162376 crashed near Tinglev 3/1-1945.

The aircraft belonged to 2./ KG 53 and was coded A1+DK.
T/o Leck.  Op: Launching V 1.

When returning from operation the He 111 apparently attempted an emergency landing at Bjerndrup Østermark about 2,5 kilometres east of Tinglev at 21:30 – 22:00 hours.
Approaching from the southwest direction the He 111 hit the ground between Kaadnervej road and the Kliplev - Tinglev railroad.
It bounced across the railroad and hit a small dyke and broke up.

One crew member was thrown clear while the four other crew members was still with the wreckage for another 50 metres and ended up east of Kaadnervej road.
The engines continued for another hundred meters while the tail was found yet 50 metres further north. 
Wehrmacht personnel from the garrison at Søgaard collected the death crew members on the next day. They were brought to Leck and laid to rest in Leck Kirchstrasse cemetery on 8/1-45.

The flyers were Pilot Unteroffizier Herbert Jürgens, Fänhrich Franz Wiethaupt, Unteroffizier Heinz Wagner, Obergefreiter Erick Kosmitzki and Oberfeldwebel Gerhardt Lange.
It took nearly a month before the crash site was declared to have been cleared by the Wehrmacht and to have been examined by a Danish explosive expert.









Sources: Chris Goss, LBUK, JJ.


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