Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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Bf 109G emergency landed near Graasten 9/3 1945.

The aircraft belonged to Erg JG 1and was coded ?
T/o Hadersleben.  Op: Training.

At 11:00 hrs a Bf 109G was seen to circle Bojskovgaard farm owned by Hans Eduard Küssler at Bovrup mark, 4 kilometers north of Graasten.
The engine was backfiring and the pilot prepared to land in the field. First he made an attempt with gear down but changed his mind and finally made a belly landing just northwest of the farm after having brushed a quickset hedge.
Student farmer Kristian Petersen rushed over to the aircraft and was next to it when the pilot opened the canopy. The 19 year old redhead told Kristian that he had run out of fuel. He was not very happy as it was not the first time that this had happened for him. He used the phone at the farm to call Fliegerhorst Hadersleben for assistance. The pilot who hailed from Bochum was quite arrogant and was sure that Germany was about to win the war. The pilot stayed on the farm until the next day when a car picked him up.

Three elderly soldiers from Søgaard barracks soon arrived to guard the aircraft and on the next day a Feldwebel and 6 soldiers arrived an took over the guard duty while the elderly soldiers returned to Søgaard. The guards were billeted and fed on the farm. On 12/3 a team of Luftwaffe soldiers arrived and dismantled the wings and loaded the aircraft on a trailer that was parked in the barn. The guards now left while the Luftwaffe soldiers stayed for another couple of days and spent the time buying supplies at the farms. On 14/3 a truck arrived and took the Bf 109 away.

Sources: LBUK, Kristian Petersen, Hans Küssler.


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