Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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V 1 flying bomb fell near Højer 4/4 1945.

The aircraft belonged to ? and was coded ?
T/o ? Flensburg.  Op: ?

The V 1 hit the ground about 800 metres southeast of Højer at 15:30 hrs and exploded leaving a hole with a diameter of 25 meters. Dirt was thrown all the way to Højer and a young Danish boy who was just outside the village was thrown in a ditch.
The Germans did not arrive on the scene until the next day. When the site was checked by a Danish explosive expert on 6/4 a number of red brown alloy bits was found.
The site was checked by the author on two occasions in 1995 and it was clear that an explosion had happened as some sand had been burned nearly to glass. Quite a bit of wire and remains of electrical equipment was found along with some wood.



The site was checked by Søren C. Flensted in 1995

Sources: LBUK.


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