Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

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FW 190 landed on the island of Langeland 9/5 1945.

The aircraft belonged to JG ?  and was coded 51
T/o Norway   Op: Flight home to Germany.

The aircraft made an emergency landing early in the morning of 9/5 at Hennetved on the island of Langeland. The plane had started from Norway for a flight to Germany but suffered from engine troubles when over Langeland and had to land.

The pilot was at first taken to the Hjortholm estate. Next he was picked up by Police constable Madsen who took him to Rudkøbing where Germans from the island were kept until their march home to Germany.


       (Bjarne Jensen)


  (Bjarne Jensen)


Sources: EDIH, Ærø Venstreblad- Ærø-Posten 9/5-45.


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