Airwar over Denmark

Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


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He 111 H-16 Werk nummer 162376 crashed at Krusaa 3/1-1945

The aircraft belonged to 3./KG 53 and was coded A1+HL
T/o: Leck or Husum  OP: V-1 against England

When returning from operation the weather had deteriorated due to fog and the crew was not able to find the airfield.
Late in the evening the He 111 H-16 crashed at the farm “Harkær” near Krusaa. It cut the top of a number of trees before it hit the northern end of a barn and afterwards the roof before it hit the more westerly barn and finally hit the ground.

The Hansen family who owned and lived on the farm got to the aircraft and helped bordschütze Uffz Hans Heyn and bordfunker Fw Kurt Haenel out of the wreckage and into the farm house. Both were seriously wounded. Beobachter Uffz Anton Büshsenschütz was only lightly wounded and could take care of himself even though he suffered from shock.

Also the body’s of the death pilot Ofw Georg Murr and bordward Fw Erwin Linhard was removed from the wreck.

As the farms telephone was inoperative due to the aircraft having broken the telephone wires a man was sent to the flak batteries at Kollund to call for help.
The flak soldiers arrived at the farm and took the crew with them back to Kollund.
Only later was the destroyed aircraft removed.

Ofw Georg Murr and Fw Erwin Linhard were laid to rest in Flensburg Friedenshügel cemetery on 9/1-1945.


  (Flemming Hansen)


  (Flemming Hansen)


Sources: NVM via Brian Bines, Matti Salonen, Chris Goss, Margrete Hansen, Harkær, Chr Jørgensen, Kliplev.




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