Airwar over Denmark

 By Søren C. Flensted


1939-1940 Updated 9/4-24
1941 Updated 28/4-22
1942 Updated 17/8-23
1943 Updated 15/4-24
1944 Updated 15/4-24
1945 Updated 4/12-22

1940 New 30/11-23
1941 New 23/7-21
1942 Updated 19/3-24
1943 Updated 28/1-23
1944 Updated 23/7-23
1945 Updated 16/7-23

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ABMC: American Battle Monuments Commission

AD: Kriegstagesbuch Admiral Dänemark. Rigsarkivet.

AIR : Reports from Public Record Office, Kew.

AS :AS files from the province. Rigsarkivet.

BCL : ”Bomber Command Losses” by Chorley.

BA: Cemetery register Aabenraa.

BAA: Cemetery protocol Aalborg.

BE: Cemetery protocol Esbjerg.

BF. Cemetery protocol Frederikshavn.

BK: Cemetery protocol Copenhagen

BL: Cemetery protocol Lemvig.

BS: Cemetery protocol Svinø.

CCL: “Coastal Commend Losses” by Ross McNeill.

CP: Carsten Petersen.

CWGC: Commonwealth War Graves Commision.

DFEV : ”De fandt en vej” by Anders Bjørnvad.

DN: ”Deutche Nachtjagd” by Michael Balls

EDIH: ”En dråbe i havet” by Andersen, Mollerup, Mortensen.

FAF : ”Faldne allierede flyvere” by Anders Bjørnvad,

FB : Finn Buch, Kirkeby, Fyn.

FT: Flyvehistorisk Tidsskrift.

JJ : Jørn Junker, Århus.

KA: Parish register Assens

KF: Parish register Frederikshavn.

KH: Parish register Haurvig.

KK: Parish register Kirkeby.

KL: Parish register Lindholm.

KLe: Parish register Lemvig.

KT : Kriegstagesbuch des Kommandant im Abschnitt Dänische Westküste. Rigsarkivet.

KTN: Kriegstagesbuch des Kommandanten im Abschnitt Nordjütland. Rigsarkivet.

LBUK: reports from The Civil Air Defence, Rigsarkivet.

LWIS: “Luftwaffe in Sweden” by Wegmann/Widfeldt.

LW: “Luftwaffe Night fighter combat claims 1939-1945” by Foreman, Matthews, Parry.

MACR : Missing air crew report. USAF.

MFS: “Making for Sweden” by Wegmann/Widfeldt.

MH: by Michael Holm.


NA: Namenbuch by Deutchen Dienststelle (WASt)

NES : Niels Erik Stampe, Lemvig

OK : Ole Kraul, Horsens.

OLCB: “Footprints on the sands of time” by Clutton-Brock

RCB : Diary of Redaktør Clemmen Brunsgård.

RL : RL files Military archive, Freiburg.


TB: Dr. Theo Boiten, Holland.

TW: BA-MA 35 mm micro- OKL via Tony Wood

T-501: Film T-501 roll 307. Historisk Samling fra Besættelsestiden. Esbjerg

UA : Files of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rigsarkivet.

VL : ”Vestallierede Luftangreb på Danmark” by Kristensen, Kofoed and Weber

VDK: Der Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.

WASt: Deutchen Dienststelle, Berlin.

WD : ”The war dead of the British Commonwealth and Empire”. The Imperial War Graves Commision.

WO: Escape accounts, Public Record Office, Kew

In addition to the above references, information from the file of Søren Flensted has been used. Where no other reference is given the pictures are from the Søren Flensted collection.


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